Domestic Violence

Need A Domestic Violence Attorney? Call 512 930-2120 | 20+ Years Experience DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGES IN WILLIAMSON COUNTY Domestic Violence Charges are more common than you might think. Most cases result from a family dispute that gets out of hand. Domestic violence charges can be brought against family members, married an unmarried couples. Most people don’t realize that once the police are […]

Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Attorney in Williamson County Call 512 930-2120 | 20+ Years Experience     ARE YOU FACING A DRUG CHARGE IN WILLIAMSON COUNTY? If you have been charged with a drug crime your first action should be to hire an experienced Williamson County Drug Crimes Attorney immediately. An experienced Criminal attorney can be the major determining factor in the outcome of […]

DWI With Child

CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER – GEORGETOWN, TEXAS DWI With Child & Need A DWI Attorney? Call 512 930-2120 | 20+ Years Experience     DWI WITH A CHILD IN THE CAR The criminal offense of DWI with a child on board is a state felony in Texas punishable by a minimum sentence of 180 days and up to two years in state […]